Please Tell Me How to Be a Success on Squidoo

Every so often I get a message through the Squidoo contact button with a plea for help. The wording is usually something like this, “Tell me how I can make money on Squidoo.” I guess they are hoping I know some magic secret that I can pass along to them in an e-mail reply.

I’m sure they don’t want to hear about the 4 to 6 hours a day that I spend making or updating my Squidoo lenses. They also don’t want to hear about how I made only pennies the first year.

The first thing that I recommend that they do is read some of my Squidoo tips lenses.

Then they need to make four or five lenses and try out a variety of modules. By that time, they will have a better idea of the questions they need to ask.

I recommend they start reading all the tips provided by HQ and browsing the Squidoo Tips section of Squidoo. While doing that, they need to make five to ten more lenses. That gives them a chance to try out what they are learning from all those tip lenses.

They need to join some of the Squidoo Facebook groups and hang out in the Squidoo forum. They can post their lenses and ask for critiques. By this time, besides doing lots of reading, I’d hope they will have made another 10 or 15 lenses.

After a few months, they come back to me and say, “When do I start making lots of money?” I tell them they need to make more lenses and give it more time. I recommend that they make some product lenses. Many recoil in horror at that suggestion and complain that they are a writer and don’t want to make sales lenses.

At this point, I get a bit discouraged with helping them find success on Squidoo. They need to figure out for themselves what “success” they want to achieve. If success means money to them, then eventually they need to learn to monetize their lenses. If success means putting their ideas and writing out there and having it read by a lot of people, then Squidoo is a good place for that too.

If you stopped by to find the shortcut to success and riches on Squidoo, I must apologize. I don’t know the shortcut. It takes a lot of work making and updating lenses. As you see what topics draw traffic and what earns for you, analyze those and make more of them.

Best of luck to you on Squidoo.



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