Things to Watch for When Buying a Squidoo Web Page

There’s been quite a buzz among the Squidoo lensmasters on Facebook about buying lenses. Many are available at $5 to $10 and it seems like a good opportunity to build up a library of lenses in a particular niche.

I commissioned a batch on my choice of topics which was luxury outdoor/patio sales. I’ve been quite pleased with how these are rising in lens rank after I added my own touches to them. I chose a known lensmaster, Margaret Ann Brown to make these for me. She’s an experienced seller that I could count on. I’ve had good work from a number of other lensmakers as well.

Some of the topics I requested were Outdoor Bars, Great Outdoor Kitchens and Outdoor Daybeds. These are great topics for summer time. Even though the set of lenses have only made one sale so far (that was on Patio Party Tableware), I feel sure I have some winners here. The Outdoor Bars lens has achieved a rank of 13,000 already so it is building traffic and seems to be on track to eventually make some sales.

That experiment looks like it is working out well. I bought 24 lenses overall from 5 different lensmasters. I spent an average of $5 or $6 per lens. Normally I make 15 or more lenses a month myself. In April, due to my father’s death, I only made one lens. The purchased lenses maintains my momentum during a time when I wasn’t making lenses on my own.

Now, here’s the caution: Some of the lenses I bought were, shall we say…. a bit disappointing. The things you need to watch out for when selecting lenses to buy are:

  • awkward URLs (too long, not a good fit for the topic’s keyword)
  • too general a topic (broad topics are hard to get google’s attention for)
  • lack of attention to details (table of content not turned on, only one tag, generic module titles, no right-side widgets)
  • low ranking from being a WIP or neglected for too long (this can be overcome, but it can take a month or two of boosting the lens rank)

All of these issues can be turned around (except for the URL), but why should you bother? Purchase a lens from a trusted, known source so it comes in good basic form, ready to start performing for you with just some fancying up.

I created some surveys to see how others were doing with their purchased lenses. Hopefully you’ll stop by my Buying Lenses – A Survey. When you vote in the poll then you see the results from all the lensmasters who have answered so far. Quite interesting.

Also as part of that lens, I’m keeping a log of my own adventures in buying lenses on Squidoo.


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