Squidoo Publishing Problems

Aack, I’m going crazy trying to update some web pages on Squidoo while it has “its tentacles in a twist.” At least that’s the excuse that keeps popping up on my computer screen each time I try to publish after making changes. This is the second day of problems.

I’ve been campaigning to get lensmasters to update frequently, but am setting a bad example myself. Possibly everyone else is having trouble too. I can ask in the Squidoo Facebook or the Squidoo Mastermind groups on Facebook. I’ve already sent in several bug reports to Squidoo about it.

Maybe I should look at this as a message to step away from the computer. It’s the first day of summer, so really I should be out in the garden planting a few impatiens or picking some strawberries. Squidoo addiction… yes, it really does become obsessive.


One thought on “Squidoo Publishing Problems

  1. Ruthi aka abitosunshine June 21, 2012 / 2:45 am

    Well, Virginia, I did hours of minor updating on my lenses yesterday and lots of visiting other lensmasters. I noticed no problems. Today was my day away from the computer a lot and have not tried any updating, so I cannot say whether it is an issue today or not. I hope you enjoyed your day, online or off–happy Summer!

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