Showered with Blessings

On Squidoo, a blessing from a Squid angel is highly prized. First of all, it means an accomplished lensmaster really liked your page and thought it worthy of a blessing. Multiple blessings can significantly boost the lensrank of a Squidoo page for a short time. In my experience, it seems to last about two weeks.

During January 2012, the Squidoo angels busily scattered 134 blessings on my lenses. Wow, I was overwhelmed. It was lovely. The Pinterest Tips for Squidoo Lensmasters received the most which boosted it to a single digit lensrank. Just getting into the top 100 on Squidoo is a dream, but to make it into the top 10 for even a short time just amazed me.

Other pages that were popular with the angels included A Civil War Childhood and Using Smilebox on Squidoo.

I’m noticing that getting Lens of the Day seems to really attract the angels. Obviously a lens is pretty special to get that honor, so additional recognition (angel blessings) are like icing on the cake. If you look at the top 100 lenses, you’ll spot a number of recent LOTD pages there.

The only unfortunate part of the Pinterest lens getting LOTD and lots of angel blessings in January, is that it is a new lens. The first month of a lens (Squidoo web page), doesn’t count in the tier payouts since it is only a partial month. I’m crossing my fingers that it will hold its ranking as a tier one lens through February so there will be a monetary reward to go with the lovely blessings.


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  1. Gail February 16, 2012 / 11:13 am


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