This Time the Lens of the Day Is Mine!

It’s always wonderful to see your friends succeed and getting the honor of Lens of the Day. Even better though is to have your own lens chosen for that. On December 7, 2011 for Pearl Harbor Day, Squidoo showcased my page, What Were You Doing During Great Moments in Recent History?

One of the questions on the page was What Were You Doing When Pearl Harbor Was Attacked? As expected, many people said that was before they were born. My aunt visited the page and did answer the Pearl Harbor question. She was seven years old at the time. The event frightened her and fearing that the “Japs” might come to Kansas, she took her cat and hid under the bed.

The other questions on the page drew out people’s memories of 9/11 and of the day JFK was killed. There are a variety of other momentous occasions, but I did get one complaint that these should not be called “great events” as most of them were horrifying moments or else great disasters. I see the point the reader was making, but probably won’t change the title at this point. Doing so could mess up any backlinks that might be sending traffic to the page.

For those who like statistics, the page had 525 visitors and received 16 angel blessings on the day it was featured. This shows the lensrank before being Lens of the Day (101,292) and visitors (4). As the surge of visits boosted the lensrank and the angel blessings took effect, the lensrank improved to 550. I’d be thrilled if the average lensrank would stay in tier one for the month of December, but I’m doubtful that it will.

6 December 2011 101,292 4
7 December 2011 64,627 525
8 December 2011 1,675 21
9 December 2011 550 6

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