Another Lens of the Day

It’s a huge honor on Squidoo to have your lens (web page) featured as Lens of the Day. This time it wasn’t one of mine getting that honor, but a fellow writer that I enticed over from eHow. I kept telling my writing buddies about how much fun I was having (and how much money I was making) on Squidoo. Dragging their feet, some of them finally gave it a try.

The results have been awesome. These writers already know how to research topics, use keywords and put together a great article. Now with Squidoo’s tools, they’re turning out first-class web pages on all sorts of topics.

The latest Lens of the Day showcasing a former eHow writer’s work is by Wordstock, better known to her eHow pals as Ann Hinds. Here’s the link to the page:

A 10-yr-old Christmas List A 10-yr-old Christmas List
For the first time, he has to give us a list of the things he might like for Christmas. This is hard for him and for us. No more trips to see Santa and thos…

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