Researching the Civil War

The Civil War is a huge topic, but I’m focusing on the parts that involved my great-great grandfather.

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The Civil War and My Great-Great Grandfather

I’m big project this year is researching the life of my Civil War ancestor, Abraham Bates Tower. At the same time, I’m having to learn all the details of a soldier’s life, understand the battles and timeline of the war and track down information about the people around him. He was a Yankee, serving in Company G, 93rd Indiana Infantry and spent part of the war in the infamous prison camp, Andersonville.

What Was Life Like for the Soldiers in the Civil War?

The result will be 29 or more web pages featured on Squidoo about different aspects of his life. These pages are called lenses on Squidoo, like a snapshot on a topic. This list of those pages is called a lensography. I hope in time that all the snapshots of Abraham Tower’s life will combine into a book that gives the full picture.

See the finished series of Civil War pages on Squidoo.


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