I’ve been encouraging some of my eHow friends to come over to Squidoo to make web pages there. Since we no longer write for eHow, I wanted them to discover how much fun it was making lenses (Squidoo’s term for web pages). At last, a few have given it a try and I’m pleased with how quickly they catch on to making a worthwhile lens. Their writing skills and computer knowledge are a good fit for the site. Here are GottaLoveIt’s lenses:

This one will make you head for the kitchen to make some Dessert Shooters – The new mini-dessert craze!

If you’re a dog lover, sample some of her heart-warming lenses about Hops – the 3-legged wonder dog!  or Introducing my dog Gizmo – Born to Ride!

She shares her home with her 94 year old mother, so has the experience to write topics like Resources for Caregivers of Aging Parents and Senior Citizen Gift Ideas – from one who knows!

After browsing all those, you might need a relaxing vacation so read her lens about Key West Tours.


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