Giving Away Squidoo Lenses

I’ve made over 320 lenses (web pages) on the Squidoo site. Keeping track of them and updating them gets to be a real job. If I don’t keep freshening them up, they slip in lensrank and traffic drops too. Recently I decided to clear out a few lenses to make my job easier. I got the idea of giving these away in a contest, so I created Virginia Allain’s Lens Giveaway.

I tried to keep the rules to a minimum, so just asked entrants to write a paragraph about what they would do to improve the lens and why they wanted it. There’s no exact deadline for entering. Once I get a handful of entries for one lens and one of them stands out, then I’ll choose a winner.

Here’s the first one awarded today –

featured lens Dogs Don’t Make Good Pets
I see my neighbors walking their dogs. It’s raining, and 7:30 in the morning. In one hand they clutch a plastic baggie to scoop up their dog’s poop. In the other hand is the leash and they are trying to keep the dog off their neighbor’s yard.

The web page winner was A.J. Tyne. She’s a dog lover and hopes to revitalize the lens by adding lots about overcoming dog’s behavior problems and becoming a better dog owner. Originally the lens was a debate on the pros  and cons of dog ownership. She already has several lenses on dog topics.

AJ’s Advice for Dogs
A.J. Tyne has been helping people solve their pets’ behavior problems for about thirty years, working with cats as well as dogs. Her clients gave her the nickname, “the dog shrink”, probably 20 years…
Pet’s Perspective: The Dog Behavior Lens
I’ve worked with and studied dogs as a behavioral trainer for 30 years, and also worked in other aspects of the dog world, such as veterinary technician, show kennel manager, breeder, etc. I’ve even r…
I look forward to seeing what she is able to do with this lens.  Be sure to stop by the Lens Giveaway to enter to win a lens of your own.

One thought on “Giving Away Squidoo Lenses

  1. maria March 19, 2011 / 12:39 pm

    That’s very generous of you!

    I have 100 lenses myself and find it difficult to maintain them. For the time being I decided to stay at that level.


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