My Top Ten Squidoo Web Pages

It’s interesting to see that topics I know well like the library ones or topics that I have a crusading interest in like saving the old barns and World War Two Letters and family memories are the ones doing great.

Library Book Display Ideas
Writing Triggers for Family Memories
Save an Old Barn: Ideas, Resources and Funding
Create a Tuscan Patio
Wine Cork Crafts
Storytime Ideas: Themes for Librarians and Circle Time
WWII Airplane Nose Art – Pinups
Saving World War Two Letters
Alligators: Fun Facts
Amelia Earhart Costume

Actually most of these lenses have received a purple star or some other honor (King of Squidboo for the Amelia Earhart one) and all have had Squid Angel blessings.

What will be interesting is to see which of these titles appeal to readers of my blog. In the statistics, I can see which one gets clicked on the most from the links posted here.


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