Total 2010 Earnings on eHow

Although I won’t get my December earnings on eHow for another week or so, it’s great to see the final tally posted. December was my best month ever on there, as I earned  $449.41. That brings my earnings for the year on eHow to $3,781.38. I’m pleased with it, since I essentially stopped writing for eHow in February 2010 when they were having publishing issues.  When they announced the end of the Writer’s Compensation Program, I hastily posted a final seven articles.

Even though the WCP was closed, existing articles still earn residuals for the writers. I love residuals. Some writers worried that they would no longer be compensated and removed their articles from the site. I bet they are kicking themselves now. I’ve heard many eHow writers mourn the loss of writing freely on eHow. Most of them go on to say, “I wish I’d written more when I had the chance.  Here’s an example of one of my articles:

That is why I’m taking some time each day to post at least one list on the List My Five site. I have a list streak of 45 days in a row. Not sure how long I can do that without missing a day.

My eHow earnings:

2008     $417

2009      $2500

2010      $3781



One thought on “Total 2010 Earnings on eHow

  1. maria January 3, 2011 / 12:08 pm

    Congratulations Virginia,

    Very impressive.

    And for 2011 I’m sure you will double your Squidoo earnings.


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