Never Too Many Christmas Ornaments

I collect Christmas tree ornaments as momentos of places I’ve lived, pets I’ve had, as travel souvenirs and so many other reasons. Needless to say, my Christmas tree is pretty eclectic. Eventually I got a bigger tree, but still there wasn’t room for all the meaningful ornaments.

Now I put up two small trees in other rooms of the house. They are just little 3-foot trees, but I can work with a theme on these, so one is my basket tree to show off all the miniature baskets I’ve collected.

Here are some other themes that I like and that might appeal to you. I grew up in Kansas, so decorating the tree with a Kansas theme takes me back to my childhood roots.

I found a variety of themes to make your Christmas tree special.  Check out the ideas for a themed Christmas tree.

There have been some weddings in the family lately, so I looked for special Bride’s Christmas Ornaments. There are some wonderful ones, so I made a webpage about those.

I worked in public libraries for thirty years. Over the years we tried out many ways to get the tree decorated in an interesting way. If your library needs ideas, check out my webpage on Decorate a Library Christmas Tree.

My sister collected angels. I have a few, but never really concentrated on just angels. When I started looking at what was available, I was amazed. Take a look at all the Angel Christmas Tree Ornaments I found.


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