My Entry in the Tier One Challenge on Squidoo

A Squidoo friend on Facebook mentioned the challenge and posted a link to the forum. Since I’d been traveling, I’d missed hearing about it until it was ten days underway. Sigh, I’m starting with a handicap, but can’t resist participating.

I chose What Is an Old Book Worth? for my lens to prep for tier one. For those unfamiliar with Squidoo, the tier system dictates the monthly payout for the lenses. Tier one has been paying about $20 a month for each lens that maintains the rank for a month. To be in tier one, a lens must be ranked at 2000 or higher. I currently have four lenses in tier one, but would love to get more moved up to that level.

One advantage I have in the challenge is being able to see what the other lensmasters are doing with their lenses to boost their rankings and what techniques are proving effective.

The lens I choose is ranked at 24,000 right now, but has been as high as 11,000, so I know it has potential. First I need to create some backlinks for it (this blog entry makes one backlink and posting it in the Squidoo Forum counts as another).


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