My Mom’s Book Won a Kansas History Book Award!

I worked hard on the editing and arrangement of my mother’s memory pieces into a book called My Flint Hills Childhood: Growing up in 1930s Kansas. It’s available in paperback at She was thrilled to have her writing turned into a book for family and friends to get copies.

It turned out that the book had a wider audience and the local historical museum carries it in their bookstore/giftshop. Even more satisfying, is the book was selected as the 2010 winner of the Ferguson Kansas History Book Award. The award was announced at the Kansas Authors Club convention last week.

I hope that will lead to more libraries ordering the book for their collection and also more reviewers commenting on the book in various magazines. The author (my mom) has a fan page on Facebook.  There’s even a book club guide for the book.

I’ve created some webpages to feature background information about the book. Take a look at those for information about feedsack dresses, raising a baby badger and other topics related to the book.


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