I Finished the Challenge – 13 Squidboo Lenses on Squidoo

There were seventeen lensmasters who finished the required number of lenses (thirteen) in the 31 days of August. They had to be in the Squidboo format and on the topics announced daily.

The prize, a purple star for one of my own lenses and one for a friend, was certainly worth the effort. A purple star can boost a second tier lens into the first tier for a month. That means it earns $20, or thereabouts for the month, instead of just $4 or $5. It’s great to be able to share with a friend on Squidoo.

For my purple star, I chose Making Snowflakes Online with Snowdays. It’s a good-looking lens and I’m figuring it will take off as winter weather sets in. It was already edging up in the rankings. With the boost from the purple star, maybe I can keep it in the top tier for several months. Then it gets additional views, comments, thumbs up, likes on Facebook and lensrolls while it’s in the top tier. That helps keep it’s ranking up too. I’m not sure how long the magic of a purple star lasts. It’s ranked at 13,000 right now, but the purple star magic has already started. We’ll see how high it can climb.

 For the second purple star, I chose Aboriginal Wall Art by jptanabe (she has a British background, but lives in New York State). She has a number of lenses on anthropology and cave paintings. The Aboriginal Wall Art is a classy looking lens on a topic that interests me. It’s currently ranked at 6,000. It brought back memories of our travels to Kakadu while living in Australia.

Take a few minutes to check out her purple star lens and mine also. It’s always good to learn something new.


2 thoughts on “I Finished the Challenge – 13 Squidboo Lenses on Squidoo

  1. Treasures By Brenda September 8, 2010 / 12:46 am

    Congratulations on a job well done! It was a lot of work and I am glad to say that I’m taking a break from any challenges right now…at least until September 12th when the new Rocket Moms session starts, LOL.

  2. marie September 18, 2010 / 2:22 pm

    Congratulations on doing the challenge.

    I just visited your lens about snowflakes
    and commented.


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