Critiquing My Lowest Ranked Lenses

I’m always trying to figure out what makes a lens (webpage) on Squidoo a winner. Perhaps looking at what isn’t working will help me figure out what will work. These lenses are from the bottom ten percent of my Squidoo list. Feel free to visit one or two and send me an email pointing out some faults or suggestions for improvements. I’d love to have them critiqued so I can fix them up.

  • What Is a Do-It-Yourself Club is not a subject anyone is going to look for, I’m afraid. It’s a bit of a new concept, so people aren’t searching for “fixer-upper cooperatives.”
  • eHow Zazzlers Showcase suffers from the lethargy that overtook eHow writers after the big changeover to Demand Studios. We had a group for eHow Zazzlers on the eHow site, but most have dispersed to other sites now.
  • A No-Cost-Makeover Party for a Room in Your House is a spin-off from watching HGTV shows. Maybe I need to play up the HGTV connection more for it.
  • Vintage Cars from My Family Album is one I meant to add more to. Maybe I’d better freshen it up.
  • Miserable Childhoods Make Great Biographies is a good booklist. I’d better look at my keyword density in the introduction.
  • Homemade Ice Cream was made for the original Get Cracking challenge. Since then, I’ve neglected it.
  • My To-Read List was mostly for my own convenience to have a list of what I wanted to read. If anyone else stumbles on it, that’s a bonus.
  • I Found My Online Twin was mostly for fun. Finding someone with the same name as myself and other similar hobbies and age and appearance was intriguing.
  • Make a Thrifty Christmas into a Merry Christmas needs some freshening up before the fall.
  • Make an Easter Basket for a Lady Golfer is out of season, so I don’t expect anything from this until spring.
  • Sharing Recipes Online
  • Movies to Watch Again and Again
  • Haunted House in Chelsea is one I’d like to boost.
  • See the Spectacle of Lights at Disney’s Hollywood Studios
  • Kansas Gifts of Tote Bags, Mugs, T-Shirts and More
  • Baby Vampire Costumes was to get ready for the Halloween shopping season. I have another vampire lens and a bats lens so they should share traffic.
  • Walking Off Thanksgiving Calories
  • Red Sox Spring Training
  • Donate Crutches to Haiti
  • Create a Catalog of Your Lenses
  • Wildlife Photo Gifts by Virginia Allain
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