My Top Ten Squidoo Lenses

It’s interesting to see how my Squidoo lenses (webpages) shift around from day-to-day and week-to-week. These are the ones that have risen to the top of my 140 lenses for this week.

  • I’m not surprised about this one, Becoming a Top Amazon Reviewer, since it was featured as Lens of the Day on Squidoo last week. Being featured, it received lots of views, many comments and 70 people gave it a 5 star rating. Five Squidoo angels conferred blessings on it that day as well. The blessings boost the ranking of the lens for awhile.  It was also posted in the Lens of the Day blog, so that gives me a backlink which is always a plus online. It’s not getting much traffic from Google, so I need to work on that as the in-house Squidoo traffic will drop off after the glamour of lens of the day wears off.
  • This lens, Create a Tuscan Patio, has been getting quite a bit of referrals from Google. I try to tweak it frequently and add some more pictures. It’s a visually satisfying lens, and received an angel blessing to give it a boost too and a purple star.  Apparently a lot of people are looking for ideas and information about Tuscan patios.
  • This was just a topic that appealed to me, Save an Old Barn, and I thought of it as a way to use some photos I’d taken of old barns. Then I saw it was getting traffic from people wanting to restore old barns, so I’ve added more and more to it about finding grants and links about people who are saving barns. Apparently it is filling a need, as it has risen to #43 in the nonprofits and volunteering category.
  • This lens, Alligators: Fun Facts, started out to be just general info about alligators. Gradually I’ve slanted it to appeal to children and added lots of cute alligator graphics. When I Google the words alligator fun facts, my webpage comes up on the first page of results. It’s number 8 down the list. That’s really good. Many people don’t bother to look beyond that first list of results, so it’s important to be there and not further down.
  • I had one eHow article on this and created Wine Corks and Ways to Use Them to feature it and give it a backlink. Now the lens on Squidoo is getting lots of traffic from Google through quite a variety of search terms. It has received an angel blessing as well and a purple star on Squidoo.I started this one during the lens-a-day challenge.
  • Apparently other lensmasters have messy desks too, because HELP – My Desk Is Buried Under a Mountain of Paper is getting comments and traffic from within Squidoo. It’s #235 in the business category on Squidoo.
  • This is one of my older lenses, but Self-Publishing with Blurb has some appeal for lensmasters since they are all writers and potentially could publish something.
  • I started Writers at 80 and 90 as a way to feature the amazing senior writers on the Our Echo website. Some of the traffic probably comes from their passing it along to their friends. It received an angel blessing to boost it.
  • This lens jumped up this week while I hosted the eHow moscot, eHow Dolly Visits Central Florida.  After this week, I won’t have anything to add to it to keep it updated or to lure traffic, so I imagine it will plummet to the bottom. I’ve posted links several times this week in the eHow forums to drive traffic to this one. It’s ranked #343 in travel on Squidoo.
  • For 31 days, I created a new lens each day and posted the link in this lensography, The Lens-a-Day Challenge. It has quite a few backlinks from all the other lensographies by others participating in the challenge.  I think lens rank must get quite a boost from frequent updates and that has helped this one and also the eHow Dolly one.


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