Book Club Guide Completed

Back in October, I wanted to create a teacher’s guide and also a book club guide for my mother’s book, My Flint Hill’s Childhood: Growing Up in 1930s Kansas.  Here was the plan:

  • The guides will be available as Squidoo lenses and hopefully will prove useful to book clubs or teachers that might want to use the book.
  • I don’t have much of clue on what teachers might find useful and what normally goes into a teacher’s guide for a book.
  • I’ll have to search around on the internet for examples of these and also for book club guides.
  • If anyone runs across examples of these or has suggestions for content for the guides, please let me know. Send links or post a comment on this posting so I can follow up on it.

I finally gave up on the idea that someone would send me great tips on how to put one of these together. Plunging in and putting something together by guess or by gosh, and now it’s done. I’ve posted it online and you can see the Book Club Guide for My Flint Hills Childhood on Squidoo. I haven’t finished the teacher’s guide yet. If you belong to a bookclub, suggest the book for one of their discussions.

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