1950s Memory Triggers

If you grew up in the 1950s, here’s a website created by the Ames Historical Society that will instantly transport you back to those days. Be sure you have the speakers turned on for your computer. Have pen and paper ready to note down fleeting thoughts that you’ll want to write about later. Maybe you’ll chose to write about your favorite songs from that decade or learning to dance in your friend’s basement with a 45 playing on the boxy record player. Perhaps you’ll write about your comic book collection that your mom threw out one day and you’ve never forgiven her for doing that.

Whatever memories this 1950s site triggers, you’ll want to write it down even if it’s just fragments. Later you can expand or connect these to make a more complete picture  of your life at that time.

Cindy, Karen, Ginger, Susan Martin in 1950s

Here I am with three of my sisters in the 1950s.


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