Cold Day for the Cranes

Undeterred by the chill weather we’ve had this week in Florida, the sandhill cranes wandered by looking for food. I assume it’s grubs they’re finding as they poke about in the sandy, soft soil below our St Augustine grass. Those impressive beaks penetrate the soil quite easily.

I wanted some fresh pictures, so I grabbed my Canon SX20 IS and hustled out through the lanai despite the low temperatures. Last night it was 28 degrees in Central Florida. Ugh.

Anyway, the cranes posed nicely for me. It amazes me how close they will let me come. I almost don’t need that 20X zoom. Perhaps being such large birds, they don’t find people that intimidating. If they stare intently at me and croon/purr deep in their throat then take a step towards me, I back carefully away. Often they let me come within 6 to 8 feet of them with my camera. It may be that our retirement community serves as a sanctuary for them where no one bothers them, so they feel secure and complacent around people here.


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