I’m a Giant Squid!

This may sound a little weird to anyone unfamiliar with the Squidoo website, but becoming a Giant Squid is an honor on the site. Twice a year, a batch of lensmasters on Squidoo are chosen to join the Giant Squid group. To be considered for this, one must first complete fifty lenses (mini-webpages) on the Squidoo site.

I dabbled with the site in the fall, making two lenses. One was promoting my mother’s book, My Flint Hills Childhood, and the other was promoting the lake lot we were trying to sell at Sugar Valley Lakes. In November, I took another look at Squidoo and started trying out making lenses on a variety of topics. It was fun and creative with instant results.  The eHow website where I usually write was getting frustrating with its software glitches and the grouching in the forums about the sweeps deleting articles.

After completing ten, then twenty lenses, I looked over the requirements for Giant Squid. Maybe I could do this. The deadline was the end of December, so I needed to learn a lot and produce a lot in November and December.  I now have 75 finished Squidoo lenses with the top one ranked at 7,820. There’s a lot I need to learn about getting traffic to the lenses but my mind is teeming with ideas for new ones. I’d rather keep making them and let the search engines take care of finding readers for them.

Here’s what I’ve made so far:

  • Gene Stratton-Porter
  • Making Snowflakes Online
  • Wine Corks and Ways to Use Them
  • Alligators: Fun Facts
  • Solivita Gift Shop
  • Becoming a Top Amazon Reviewer
  • The Flint Hills of Kansas
  • Identify the Water Birds
  • Sugar Valley Lakes
  • Wanda Ryder – Manitoba Author
  • Book Oddities
  • Small Town Kansas: Hamilton
  • Photographing Flowers
  • Collecting Aprons
  • Feedsack Dresses
  • Small Town Kansas – A Lensography
  • Getting Older
  • Turn an eHow Article into a Squidoo Lens
  • Save an Old Barn
  • Writers at 80 and 90
  • Odd Topics on eHow
  • Cynthia Ross – Kansas Author
  • Promoting a Self-Published Book
  • Write Family Memories for Our Echo
  • A Pet Badger
  • Gail Lee Martin – A Lensography
  • Fabulous Florida
  • Clyde Martin’s Family History
  • The Sanford Troubadours
  • An Old-Fashioned Christmas
  • Children Remembering World War II
  • 25 Things I’m Grateful For
  • eHow Dolly Visits Central Florida
  • Tyro, Kansas
  • See the Spectacle of Lights at Disney’s Hollywood Studios
  • Sharing Recipes Online
  • Walking Off Thanksgiving Calories
  • Seadrift, Texas
  • A Bride’s Christmas Tree
  • Meet the Author: C.J. Garriott
  • Baby Sandhill Cranes
  • It’s Turkey Day
  • Octogenarian Self-Publishes Memoirs
  • An Old-Fashioned Halloween
  • Decorating with Bar Signs
  • Lake Cottage
  • Cooking New England Style
  • Self-Publishing with Blurb
  • My Interests: A to Z
  • An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving
  • Improving eHow Articles
  • eHow Article Writing
  • Unique Christmas Trees
  • Favorite Books from My Childhood
  • Bertha McGhee
  • Too Much Stuff
  • Favorite Eating Places for Solivita Residents
  • Teterville, Kansas
  • Stroke Survivors Tell Their Stories
  • Family Photos of Vintage Motorcycles
  • Finding Poinciana, Florida
  • Decorating with Neon Bar Signs
  • Holland: My Reading List
  • Celtic Music
  • Make the Money Last
  • Shannon Marie Hyle (Martin): A Tribute
  • Unusual Jobs
  • Collecting Vintage Valentines
  • Make a Thrifty Christmas into a Merry Christmas
  • Making Wishes
  • Small Town Kansas: Reading
  • Keep Track of a Child at Disney or Other Theme Parks
  • I Love Books and Libraries
  • 1918 Ladies Footwear
  • Golf Cart Fun
  • Advertisements

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