I Resolve to Write

I’ve been reading back through my blog and felt good about my progress in a variety of activities and projects over 2009. Of course, there’s so much more I want to accomplish. I guess this is what life is all about, having goals and dreams and working towards those. Without these, life would be pretty dull.

I didn’t write down any specific New Year’s resolutions this year. It would have been the usual eat less, exercise more, etc.  Now that we’re a few days into 2010, I think I’ll take “writing more” as my motto for the year. To be specific, I want to:

  • write enough eHow articles to earn $400 a month on that site
  • create/write enough Squidoo lenses to earn $100 a month on that site
  • write enough essays on Helium to achieve a four star rating there (requires a minimum of 100 articles, which rank on average in the top quarter)
  • write some Helium marketplace essays where I can earn more money there
  • write weekly writing triggers to post on my blog for my writing group
  • finish editing the paperback edition of my dad’s book and get it published on Blurb
  • encourage my mom in writing her memories of her adult life for a third book (tentative title: Gail, All Grown Up)
  • resume the weekly family memory writing group this summer
  • teach a class in Creating a Family Biography Book (scheduled for June in Kittery, Maine). Here’s the class description “Virginia Allain, a retired librarian, self-published her mother’s memories of growing up in the 1930s (My Flint Hills Childhood) and a collection of family memories about her father (Clyde Owen Martin). This freelance writer and avid photographer can show you how to gather, organize, write and self-publish your own family stories using the latest print-on-demand method. The session includes how to trigger your memories and those of family members and to capture them on paper. She will demonstrate use of Blurb.com’s BookSmart software to create a family biography and make it available in paperback and/or hardback. To get an idea of the finished product, you can preview her books at www.blurb.com/user/vallain1.”

I guess that’s enough to keep me busy in 2010. Wish me luck in carrying all this through.

Oops, I almost forgot. I also want to write in my journal every day.


3 thoughts on “I Resolve to Write

  1. uninvoked January 6, 2010 / 3:10 pm

    Sounds like you’ve got some great ideas. I’d love to do articles for free if they linkbacked to my website. I could use the publicity.

    • Virginia Allain January 6, 2010 / 6:09 pm

      Uninvoked – You can post information about your blog/writing on sites like Redgage. Also you could write an eHow article (has to be in how-to format) on writing a book chapter by chapter on a blog.
      On Squidoo, you could create a lens (mini-webpage) that explained your concept, include an excerpt and link back to your blog.
      These would take some work but might steer some new readers your way. Also would created backlinks that raise the google rank of your blog.

  2. bwlight January 6, 2010 / 6:31 pm

    Like you, I didn’t go into the New Year with anything but those usual notions (oh, and to keep photos out of my writing!)…but my motto revealed itself to me and I blogged about it and now it’s brought me to you, how very nice!

    We have a lot in common what with photos and the writing. Best wishes on your writing goals! I will be back to visit…(and to look into the Blurb Book Smart idea.)

    ~ Bonnie

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