Providing Article Reviews on eHow

Since I’m considered to be an old-timer on eHow (after 22 months on the site), new writers there often ask me for advice. If they ask me to review a particular article or just their articles in general, I try to give them one suggestion at least for improvement. It doesn’t seem helpful to just scan the article, put a comment, “good topic,” and leave it at that.  Usually I’ll send the recommendations in a personal message rather than leave criticism in the comment section where everyone could see it. Here’s an example of a recent review:

The first thing I noted (even in your titles) is that English is not your first language. To make sure your articles have a good flow, I’d recommend that you get a friend to review them for grammar and word choice.

The amount of review needed is more than your friends on eHow usually will be willing to give. Perhaps ask a personal friend. E-mail the article to them so they can make quick adjustments, then mail it back to you. Then post it on eHow.

Unfortunately the awkwardness of some sentences will put readers off. This will result in poor earnings and possibly deleted articles for you on eHow.

I hope you don’t feel hurt by my comments. They are meant to help you. Best of luck in your writing career. Virginia

Unfortunately many newbies join a read/rate/comment group, so they get many “good article” comments, five stars on everything and recommends that are just pat-my-back-and-I’ll-pat-yours. This creates a false sense of well-being that gets in the way of their improving as a writer and as an earner on eHow.

Sometimes I even send unsolicited reviews to people. Amazingly, most of them thank me and ask to be my friend. I’ve always worried that someone will be offended and retaliate for my unwelcome advice by putting single star ratings on all my articles. It would take them awhile since I have 475 of those.


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