Snowflakes, Shannon and Squidoo

I’ve reached my goal of creating fifty Squidoo lenses (webpages). The one below is the fiftieth. Take a look at it. My sister, Shannon first introduced me to the Snowdays website back when I lived in Texas. That’s the basis for this Squidoo lens.

Making Snowflakes Online
Remember folding a piece of paper and cutting bits out of it to make a snowflake? It was a lot of fun. Now you can make one like that online and even send it with a message to a friend. No little bits of paper to clean up afterwards with these snowfl…

You can go to the Snowdays website and look at all the snowflakes people make and the messages they put on them. Down in the left hand corner you can FIND-A-FLAKE. If you put in Shannon and Belle Plaine, it brings up Shannon’s snowflake from 12-02-03.

You can bring them up by number also. On 12-06-08, I made a tribute snowflake for Shannon. It is number 7217122 if you want to see it. You can even leave a message on it. If you put in Ginger and for the location Florida, it brings up 2500 flakes. I didn’t make all of those as there are a few other Gingers in Florida apparently. My specialty was twinkle flakes, so if you click on one of the Ginger flakes and it opens with a little twinkle to it, then that’s mine.

I checked and found some of mine that you can see. Twinkle ones: 4576440 and 2462900. I also made figural ones. Here’s a Halloween one: 2689996. While there, I made a few new ones for old times sake, but I can see that I’m out of practice.


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