Anniversary of a Loss

It’s coming up… the third anniversary of the day my younger sister died. It’s easy to remember since it falls so close to my birthday. I find the day a bit daunting.

I feel sadness welling up in me as I think of her life cut short and so suddenly. The quandary is how to get through that day and how it affects others. Should I make a special call to my other sisters and my parents? We could talk about Shannon’s life or not, maybe just reassure ourselves that the others are OK. Maybe if I don’t call, they will be busy with their lives and not pause to remember and be overwhelmed by the sadness. Perhaps it’s better not to bring it up. Maybe they won’t even notice the date until it’s past, and won’t have to work their way through all those emotions again.

If I don’t call, will they think I don’t care and don’t remember? Will they feel all alone in their loss and pain? In previous years, I posted a memory piece about my sister on the Our Echo webpage. Our family regularly posts family stories there, so that seemed a natural way to share. Many of us are writers so writing about Shannon was a natural outlet for our feelings. Click on this link to read more family memories of Shannon Martin Hyle. Her maiden name was Shannon Marie Martin.

Shannon Marie Martin
I like this photo of Shannon getting her face washed by her daughter Diana

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