Working on a Goal: To Make 50 Squidoo Lenses

Here’s what I’ve accomplished so far. The Squidoo website has an honor called becoming a Giant Squid. To apply you have to have 50 quality lenses (mini-websites on Squidoo). I don’t want to make just 50 lenses as some may be discounted as lacking in quality is some way. Maybe my goal should be to make 60 lenses, then 10 could be knocked off and I’d still qualify. The other part of the equation is having high-traffic lenses. Mine are pretty new and some are specialized topics that may not draw much traffic.  We’ll see how it goes.

  • 100 Things I’m Grateful For
  • A Pet Badger
  • An Old-Fashioned Christmas
  • An Old-Fashioned Halloween
  • An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving
  • Bertha McGhee
  • Book Oddities
  • Celtic Music
  • Children Remembering World War II
  • Clyde Martin’s Family History
  • Collecting Aprons
  • Cynthia Ross – Kansas Author
  • eHow Article Writing
  • eHow Dolly Visits Central Florida
  • Fabulous Florida
  • Feedsack Dresses
  • Gail Lee Martin – A Lensography
  • Getting Older
  • I Love Books and Libraries
  • It’s Turkey Day
  • Keep Track of a Child at Disney or Other Theme Parks
  • Lake Cottage
  • Make the Money Last
  • Meet the Author: C.J. Garriott
  • Octogenarian Self-Publishes Memoirs
  • Promoting a Self-Published Book
  • Self-Publishing with Blurb
  • Shannon Marie Hyle (Martin): A Tribute
  • Solivita Gift Shop
  • Sugar Valley Lakes
  • Teterville, Kansas
  • The Flint Hills of Kansas
  • Turn an eHow Article into a Squidoo Lens
  • Tyro, Kansas
  • Unique Christmas Trees
  • Walking Off Thanksgiving Calories
  • Write Family Memories for Our Echo
  • Writers at 80 and 90
  • Advertisements

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