Special Day for Writers

Yesterday was I Love to Write day and I missed celebrating it. Guess I’ll have to write lots today to make up for missing it. Really I do love to write.

  • I need to post some more essays on Helium to try reaching my goal of two writing stars this month. If I wait too late in the month, the essays don’t have time to move up in the rankings. Low ranking for too many articles will keep you from getting the coveted writing stars.
  • I also need to edit and complete about ten drafts on the eHow website. Some of these drafts have been hanging around for four or five months. The website finally got smart and set expiration dates on all the drafts. Now all the procrastinating writers on the site, including myself, are scrambling to clean up our article lists.
  • My next writing goal on eHow is to reach the 500 articles milestone. I had a little setback last week when I lost six articles in their clean up sweep.
  • I also want to create some more Squidoo lenses that relate to my mother’s book (Gail Lee Martin’s My Flint Hills Childhood). There’s minimal writing for each lens. Mostly it’s adding modules and links.
  • There are several PR opportunities that I want to follow up for my mother’s book. 
  • For my summer writing group, I promised to post weekly family memory writing triggers on my blog. That way they could keep writing over the winter.

Wow, I guess I’d better get busy writing.


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