Collecting Information about Bertha McGhee

I’ve started a webpage to pull together what I’ve found about her life and to lure more information in.  It’s at

My aunt found a few links to get us started:

I’ve been rummaging around on Google, searching for stuff about the Jesse Lee Home, Seward, Alaska, and Aunt Bertha. This is the first I’ve run across that talks about Bertha.
Then there is this link, on the same website. In the photo, could that be Aunt Bertha on the right, 2nd row from front?
And on this link, on the same website, could that be aunt Bertha in the photograph with children?

It was great finding this description of a church that my great-aunt Bertha started in Alaska:


2 thoughts on “Collecting Information about Bertha McGhee

  1. Marshall Ronne Jr August 29, 2010 / 7:03 am

    Hi Virginia

    I have memories of Bertha being my Sunday-school teacher in the 1950’s. She was absolutely wonderful…always friendly, smiling, and outgoing. I was a young Alaska native youngster, attending the Methodist church in Seward. My very first Bible was given to me by Bertha in 1957, and it has her signature. I still have that Bible…worn, but still usable. My mother grew up in the Jesse Lee Home, which still stands today, but is sadly in need of repair.

    Marshall Ronne Jr
    Seward, Ak

  2. Tim Harlan September 12, 2010 / 1:09 am

    We were in Seward last week and it appears that there is some interest in refurbishing the Jesse Lee Home. Some scaffolding on one side. I will try to send a picture. I remember most the pictures Aunt Bertha showed of the large cabbages and other garden produce they raised. I also remember her telling of the 1964 earthquake and how they sat on the side of the mountain with the children and watched the fires that devasted much of Seward.
    T. Harlan
    Greenleaf, Ks.

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