Closing in on Half a Million Views

I noticed on the eHow site that my articles are nearing the half million views milestone.  I’m also just 34 articles away from having 500 written.  Wowee….

Articles Written: 466 
Article Views: 486,593
If you’d like to contribute to my viewing numbers, here are a few titles you might find interesting and appropriate to the fall season:
  • How to Rake Leaves and Clear Them Away Quickly – 

    Trees provide wonderful shade, but overwhelm homeowners with leaves to rake in fall and spring. Equipped with some basic tools, you can rake those leaves and clear the yard in record time. Here’s how to efficiently rake and remove lots of leaves. (That’s my brother-in-law working on the leaves)

  • How to Cook a Pot Roast as Good as Mom’s  –  

    My mom’s pot roast made a fine meal with the meat fork tender and the vegetables full of flavor. After 40 years of practice, I turn out a roast beef dinner that would make my mother proud. Here’s how to make it. (I made this earlier in the week. My husband tells me he prefers the green beans and mushrooms cooked longer than the 45 minutes I suggested. He wants them soft and fully flavored with the meat juices)

  • How to Warm Up Cold Feet in Bed  – 

    Lying awake with feet that feel like blocks of ice is no fun. It seems to take forever to warm them up. Here are some ways to take the chill off. (Now that I’m back in Florida, this isn’t as much of a problem, but for those going into a northern winter… Brrr)

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