Checking the Stats

statistics for My Flint Hills Childhood (paperback edition)
statistics for My Flint Hills Childhood (paperback edition)

I love checking statistics on things I’ve worked on. WordPress does a great job of providing statistics on my blog efforts.

Now I have another place to check frequently, my mother’s book on Blurb. The site gives weekly statistics on the number of viewings of the book. Since they are having a contest this month, her viewing have taken a big jump. The contest was right on the heels of the book getting a mention in a USA Today article, so that probably contributed to the increase in viewings.

My contribution to the book involved pulling in the content (text and photos) that Mom sent me, and working out the layout. Then I proof-read the book as well. I guess I did the book design work and editing. My part was much easier than Mom’s as she wrote most of the content over a twenty year period.

It would be great if you would vote in the contest. The prize for the writer is $3,000. Make my 85 year old mother a happy author! To vote, just go to Blurb’s contest and get a username/password to vote. In the search box, put My Flint Hills Childhood to vote on Gail Martin’s book. You can only vote once on an individual book.


One thought on “Checking the Stats

  1. Dachshund Luke October 29, 2009 / 6:38 am

    That is some very impressive stats! Good luck to you and your Mum and I hope that she wins the contest. I am going to vote right now.

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