Finding WordPress Statistics on a Blog

I enjoy checking the stats on my WordPress blog daily to see how many people and what topics they are reading.  They make it pretty easy. Just go to the Dashboard for the blog and click on Blog Stats. It shows the statistics for today and yesterday, but you need to go deeper to get long-term stats.

It displays categories (Referrers, Top Posts and Pages, Clicks and Search Engine Terms). To see these for a week, month, or for the life of the blog, click on the highlighted category header. It’s great that WordPress provides this kind of information, so blog writers get feedback on what’s getting read and also what it getting clicks to links you’ve provided. Since I write for eHow and have several blogs that I maintain for family members, the links are important for me.

If you have a blog, go check out all these great statistics. Notice on the Stats page where it lists individual posts for that day. After each is a tiny chart symbol. Click on that to get long-term statistics for that individual posting.


One thought on “Finding WordPress Statistics on a Blog

  1. Gayle McLaughlin October 24, 2009 / 1:48 am

    I voted for your mom–she has 9 votes so far. I think you should put this in the eHow forums. If I can vote more than once, tell me!

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