Getting Ready for Christmas

This 68 page eBook is packed with fresh ideas for anyone who loves Christmas, making gifts, decorating their home and saving money. Co-authored by eHowers, Shirley Philbrick and Pam Irie, (Shirley from Maine and Pam in Hawaii) representing the furthest U.S. states East and West.
They have never met but their styles are complimentary. What developed between them resulted in Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas, Decorating & Tips – All Under $15. The reason behind this eBook….well, they share an “off-the-beaten-path” outlook towards life and live it with a certain style that is often eclectic and makes use of unusual and recycled materials or those found in nature. It seemed a natural progression for their mutual interests.

How the eBook came to be is yet another story. Shirley’s daughter, a young college student, sustained a devastating leg injury in an automobile accident in September 2009 which brought the ebook production to a temporary halt. Inspired by Shirley’s daughter’s courage in pushing forward with her life and facing her fears head on, we fast forward four weeks later to a finished product. It is with hope this book will prove as inspirational to you as a young woman’s courage is to the authors. Please note: 100% of the proceeds from this e-book go towards ongoing medical expenses for Shirley’s daughter. For more info, check out Shirley’s blog.

help Shirley Philbrick


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