What Works on an Author Webpage

I’m fascinated by the statistics generated from my mom’s author page (www.gailmartin.wordpress.com). Here’s how it falls out:

Read an Excerpt from Gail’s Book 130
Gail’s Advice for Writing Family Memorie 73
Gail Martin’s First Book 39
Places & Topics in My Flint Hills Ch 21
Media Attention for Gail’s Book 17
Upcoming Books by Gail 13
More About Gail Martin 13
Contact the Author 11
Comments from Readers 11
Press Release for the Book 3

Obviously the READ AN EXCERPT is a big hit. The excerpt that I put was a very short essay from the book about Mom’s pet badger. Everyone loves an animal story, so I figured it was a good one to get them to click further on the BUY THE BOOK link.


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