Memory Triggers – Family Background

In writing your family memories, take time to write down your family background. 

What was your family’s ethnicity? When did they come to the United States? What stories did you hear as a child about the family’s background? How are your family origins shown in your life now (foods, cultural beliefs, etc.).  Did you have anyone famous in the family or did the family participate in some historic event?

For example, these triggers would start me writing about my family’s Scottish and Irish heritage, and their immigration during colonial times to Maryland and to Hingham, Massachussetts. I’d want to include about the participation in the Oklahoma land rush and about the great-great-great grandfather who was in Andersonville Prison during the Civil War.

Use these triggers to write your own family heritage memories and maybe even do some research if you aren’t sure of some things.

Here’s a webpage that I created about being Scotch-Irish. While working on it, I discovered the names of my great-great-great grandfather on the McGhee part of the family tree. So exciting!

Scotch Irish hat hat
Scotch Irish hat by Linda_MN
Browse for another trucker hat on

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