Hire a Grandfather for Yourself

Many of us no longer have a grandfather in our lives. We miss that special wisdom that a grandfather brings. Here’s how to find a replacement to spend some time with you or with you and your family.

Decide what qualities you crave in a grandfather figure. Would you like someone to come around to tell stories about their life experience, teach you about their hobbies and fix things? Do you have children and want them to have the experience of being around a grandpa?

Decide how much you can afford to pay for such a service. The person might be willing to work for a token payment of $5 or $10 an hour. At $10 an hour, you could have them come over for five hours a week at a cost of $50. Remember that this is not a handyman job, though he might be handy. This is a companion for you or for your whole family.

You can put a note on the bulletin board of the nearest senior center or put a notice in the church bulletin. These are places where seniors would see it and respond to you.

Meet in person anyone that applies for the position. Go with your gut feeling on which one matches your needs. There’s no standard for grandfatherliness, so only you can know what you are looking for. Perhaps you want someone who is witty and energetic and who reminds you of your grandfather. Maybe you never knew your grandparents and just want one who has general grandfather qualities.

Once you hire the person, be ready for them to be an individual. Like a real grandparent, they may surprise you with hidden facets of their personality. That’s part of the deal. Be clear about your expectations. Make sure the person realizes you want companionship and other grandfatherly activities. You aren’t hiring a handyman or baby sitter. Start out with a short-term arrangement, then it is easier to end the deal if the personalities don’t work out.


missforty said

 Wow, I love this idea! It is a win-win for both people!

gailM said

 Older folks need to feel useful and your idea is a great one to make older men feel worth while once again.

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