Sampling New Brunswick Foods

When I travel, I love tasting local foods along the way.  Of course, traveling along the coast of New Brunswick, we made sure to eat plenty of their great seafood.  My first experience with it was in the tiny village of St. Martin’s.  Side-by-side restaurants with a view of the Bay of Fundy enticed us.  We chose The Caves, named after the local attraction, caves carved out of the cliffs by the tidal currents. 

I choose the seafood bake which turned out to be scallops, shrimp, haddock and bits of lobster in a sauce with three kinds of cheese melted over it.  Delectable!  The simple decor of blue checked oilcloth on the tables, white and blue walls were secondary to the superb view and the food.  You could also eat outside on the deck.

St. Martin’s is well worth getting off the divided highway and trekking on the scenic side road.  The village visitor’s center looked like a lighthouse, but if you follow their directions, you’ll see a real lighthouse.  Two covered bridges, adjacent to the visitor’s center, can be captured in one photograph if you align yourself close to the shore.  Then drive on through the one nearest the water to get to the seafood restaurants.

Time your visit for when the tide is out, if you want to walk down to the sea caves.  The visitor’s center has the times posted.  If you go at the wrong time, the Bay of Fundy tide comes in fast and deep so you want to play it safe.  The tide was in when we were there.


3 thoughts on “Sampling New Brunswick Foods

  1. Carol Garriott August 18, 2009 / 2:11 pm

    This is a spectacular blog, Ginger! Love the story and photos of your visit to New Brunswick. And you’re a dynamite promoter! I may need to hire you when I get my next book ready. Aunt Carol

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