Visiting New Brunswick

For the first time, I toured New Brunswick, Canada.  What a delight it was.  We followed the scenic routes recommended on the official map.  Actually I think we could have driven any road and it would have been scenic.  The coastal route gave us stunning views of the Bay of Fundy, then the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and finally the Chaleur Bay as we drove around the perimeter of the province.

Campobello Island view
Campobello Island view

We crossed the border at Campobello Island where we thoroughly enjoyed touring FDR’s summer home.  Called a cottage, it really is a large house with a grand view of the Bay of Fundy.  It exuded a relaxed family atmosphere and the rooms looked as though the Roosevelts could walk right back in at any moment.

Window in FDR's summer cottage
Window in FDR's summer cottage

After seeing the lighthouse, we took the ferry from Campobello Island over to Deer Island.  Drove to the opposite end of that island to catch the free ferry across to the New Brunswick mainland.  Taking the ferries was a treat in itself.  You can get out of your car and walk around on the open deck admiring the views and looking for seals, dolphins and seagulls.  I’m not sure if I really saw a seal or if it was just wishful thinking.  We definitely saw several dolphins come to the surface.

The lighthouse on Campobello Island
The lighthouse on Campobello Island

We camped the first night in a Provincial Park at New River Beach.  It was like a state park in the U.S.  There was electricity at the campsite, but not water, so it was necessary to walk to the bath house for a shower.  The next morning we went to the beach for a quick look around.  It was a lovely wide and sandy beach and essentially deserted.

Two people on the New River Beach
Two people on the New River Beach

Learn more about New River Beach (camping, sand sculpture contest, etc.) on this site.


One thought on “Visiting New Brunswick

  1. heytoto January 16, 2016 / 3:59 pm

    Beautiful! I’d love to visit Campobello. I didn’t realize FDR’s summer cottage was on an island (or that it was in Canada!) I seem to remember the Bay of Fundy from when we visited Nova Scotia/Prince Edward Island, but my Canadian geography is nothing if not hazy.

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