Writing about Your Child’s Birth Year

Write about what was happening in your life the year one of your children was born.  Where were you living and how was the family doing?  Tell about jobs, finances, and the home.

How did you and the father feel as the pregnancy advanced?  How did the grandparents react?  How did siblings feel about the new brother or sister coming?  How did they feel after it arrived?

What preparations did you make for the baby’s arrival?  Was there a baby shower?  How did you gather the needed clothing and crib?

Tell about your child’s birth day (what hospital, doctor, time of day, getting to the hospital, and related details).

To expand on your own situation include details you remember about national events or the era.  What was popular in music, clothing, cars?

(My thanks to my mom, Gail Martin for these memory triggers.  Here’s a link to more of her articles on this topic)

This assignment is for the August 20th writing group.


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