Happy Memories (smells, touch, taste, sounds)

Let’s use our senses to bring up some memories to write about. 

TOUCH: Think of things that appealed to you when you were younger that you liked to touch.  Do you remember your blankie?  How about grandma’s fox fur collar or the silky feel of combing your mom’s hair?  It can be something soft, rough, shaggy, prickley.

SOUND: What was YOUR song?  Do you remember a lullaby or a song you learned for a school program?  What kind of music was popular in your teen years?

SMELLS: Do certain food smells take you back to a certain occasion or place?  Cinnamon, sauerkraut, other?  Are there other smells from your childhood that take you back?  The smell of a warm horse, a wet dog, damp soil, etc.

TASTE: Do certain tastes remind you of school lunches, the county fair, a trip to the ocean?  What taste makes you think of your grandparents?

This is the assignment for the Thursday, August 13 Family Memory Writing class.  Write about a memory or incident and tell about the smell, tastes, sounds, and touch memories that go with it.


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