Promoting Mom’s Book – My Flint Hills Childhood

Self-publishing a book involves a lot more that I ever dreamed.  Designing the book was fun and really creative.  Editing the book made good use of my English degree from Emporia State University.  Now I’m in new territory, trying to promote the book for mom. 

I created a webpage for her on WordPress.  I’ve sent press releases to a few central Kansas newspapers.  Now I need more ideas of ways to get the word out about her book.  I’m not sure that mom, at age 84, would be comfortable giving TV or radio interviews.  Maybe they wouldn’t phase her.  I always used to think she knew everyone in El Dorado, but then realized that she just talked to everyone like she knew them.

Here’s what I’ve learned so far about promoting a self-published book.


One thought on “Promoting Mom’s Book – My Flint Hills Childhood

  1. authorette July 23, 2009 / 4:13 am

    Howdy, I’ve just selfpublished my first book, an autobiographical journey spanning the past 25 years of living with a chronic illness. It’s so much more difficult than I thought but my gosh…am I so proud of myself. I am looking into promotion with charities and have also sent numerous emails etc trying to get the word out. It’s really hard hey?? My book has only been out since 2nd July, 2009.

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