Making Author Webpages

My mother needed a webpage to feature her new book, My Flint Hills Childhood.  Since I feel comfortable using WordPress, I decided to set her up with a blog here.  It was really easy to get a nice looking site for her using the many layouts and designs that WordPress has available.  I clicked through most of them after I put in some basic information, just to see how it would look on the screen. 

I made sure it showed her book cover and a short description of the book so that’s the first thing someone sees when they go to her webpage on WordPress.  Then I started adding pages with the info that visitors would want.  So far, I have:

Then I put on a badge (widget) from the Blurb website, so people can just click on it to preview her book.

Go take a look at it.  I’m pretty pleased with the results.   Actually, I was so pleased, that I immediately set up another one for my sister, Cynthia Ross, to promote her book of children’s poetry as well as her performances as Gene Stratton-Porter.  It’s not as detailed yet as my mother’s, but I’ll keep adding to it.  Check it out here.


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