Writing Family Memories – School Days

Here’s the assignment for July 23 on the topic of Remembering School Days.  Browse the memory triggers listed below and write as much as you can.

  • Did you attend one school or many?  How large was it?  Where was the school?
  • How did you get to school?
  • Did you carry a lunch or were meals provided?  milk break? 
  • Teacher(s) – favorite, meanest, learned the most from
  • Teacher’s pet?  Good student or indifferent?
  • Best friend?  Had a crush on anyone?  A rival or competitor?
  • Favorite subject or least liked one.
  • Describe the classroom, classmates.
  • Tell about recess, the playground, school trips.
  • Any special days? school performance, Valentine exchange, graduation?

If you want to read more about writing family memories, check out some of the titles on this booklist.


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