How to Meet Minimum Word Count (eHow Craft Articles)

By Virginia Allain, eHow Member Rating

Writing about crafts Writing about crafts

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When you write an eHow article explaining an easy craft, it might be short on words. You need about 150 words to have the article accepted. Here’s how to add to that word count without just adding fluff. 


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

You don’t want to just add filler just to get the extra words in an online article. Make every word useful to the reader. See the examples below. Wordiness is not the goal. Clarity and thoroughness of the instructions is what is wanted.


Check each step. How could it be clearer? Pretend the reader is a beginning crafter and add information for them. If the step says “glue X to Z,” you can give more detail. Tell what kind of glue to use. Does it need to be in a well-ventilated area? How long should it dry? Adding this level of detail helps your reader and boosts the word count.


When the instructions say “use XYZ,” expand it to tell the reader where they can get the supplies if they are anything unusual. You can offer alternate materials or mention a preferred brand that you think works best. Example: Use brown paper bags to cover the base. If you don’t have those, use brown construction paper or brown wrapping paper. (The example adds at least 17 more words than the original.)


If the INTRODUCTION merely says “Here’s an easy way to make XYZ,” then you are skimping the reader. This is the place to tell the origin of the craft, how you learned to make it, why they will want to make it and any background information you know. Example: My sister made these for all of us. Everyone loved them. I’ve changed it a little, to make it easier. They make great gifts for a club or office gift exchange. (The example adds 31 words to the article.)


Insert a step at the beginning to explain the supplies needed. Give tips for selecting the right materials and tools for the project.


Add a step at the end telling how the finished craft project can be used or displayed. Tell how to take care of it (is it washable?).

Comments  from eHow readers
temari said
 Great tips. Thanks!

dove357 said

 You’re right-a beginner needs more questions answered than someone who has been crafting for years.

blingaling said

 Thoughtful suggestions for adding length without fluff.
Great article, sometimes we take it for granted that everyone else know where to find supplies. It’s also better to give too many details than not enough. 5*

Tfurby said

Great tips, thanks for the advice!

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