Week Three of Writing Family Memories

To get started writing, try to remember the layout of a home lived in during your childhood. Rough out a floor plan.  Don’t worry if your sketch isn’t an architectural gem. It was just to jog your memory. Here’s my mother’s how-to article on writing about a home:
Write something this week on this topic. It can be about a childhood home, your grandparents’ home or your first place when you were grown up or first married. Be detailed, as that really brings the piece alive.  Was it carpeted or wood floors?  What could you see out the windows?  How were  the rooms used?
Here’s a description I wrote once about my grandparent’s farmThe_Martin_House__Reading__KS____Fall_1950_edited.

It won the monthly contest on the Our Echo site and $100. Unfortunately they don’t have the monthly contest anymore. It’s still a great place to post family memory pieces. The other writers there are very supportive. If you post your writing online, then it won’t be lost if your computer crashes. It also allows your family to enjoy the essays anytime they want.


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