Mom’s Book Released (My Flint Hills Childhood)

Finally finished all the edits, so Mom’s official book publishing date was yesterday.  Now I need to get busy promoting it!  Already I’ve posted it to Stumble Upon and had Mom’s eHow friends (all 220 of them) notified with a message.  One of her friends kindly posted an announcement in the eHow forum about it.  The other writers on eHow love it that Mom (Gail Lee Martin) is 84 and still writing articles for the site. 

Today I posted an announcement on the Our Echo site where Mom is the webmaster and where she posts her essays and poetry.  I also put it on the My Family site for the Martin and McGhee relatives to see.  In these two days, 356 visits have been made to the page where her book is listed on Blurb.  Click on the link below if you’d like to see a preview.

Growing up in 1930s…
By Gail Lee Martin

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