Family Memory Writing Group

I’ve started a writing group for the summer.  It’s to inspire me to get busy writing, since I seem to need a deadline hanging over my head.  I’ll share the writing triggers and assignments with you here.  Follow along online and write your own family memory pieces using the assignments from the group.  A good place to post them is on the website.

Here’s the first assignment:

Our memory triggers from this session related to food topics.  Feel free to expand on this or take your own topic.  Just start writing.  Bring something you’ve written to share with the group next time and we’ll have a read-around.
Here’s a list of words to jog your memory:  sweet, sour, baked, roasted, burnt, undercooked, frozen, salty…  Does that bring any incidents to mind?  How about the triggers thrown out in our session (school lunches, holiday meals, church suppers, family picnics, ice cream, learning to cook)?
I remember that my mother was a hasty cook.  She had so many interests that sometimes dinner was an afterthought.  With six children, she had to put something on the table, so she turned the flame on high on the gas stove when cooking.  It’s a wonder that all our meals weren’t blackened.  I find that I follow in her culinary footsteps, wanting the food to get cooked faster so I can go back to my projects.

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