Fascinated with Making Books

Oh, no.  I’ve gotten hooked on Blurb.  I found it while looking for a place to easily put my mother’s memories into a paperback book.  I’d made a hardback version for her on Photoworks, but the $85 price was just too high for the rest of the family to have copies.  Her book is almost ready to come out on Blurb.  In the meantime, I started Dad’s book since Father’s Day was approaching.  It also is almost done with both books needing a few more vintage family photos to wrap it up.

The versatility of Blurb’s BookSmart software intrigued me, so I gathered my photos of my favorite New Hampshire place and made a photo book of it.  You can see it here.  They have it set up so you can preview the first fifteen pages. 

Photographs of Lake…
By Virginia Allain

I’m hoping to sell a number of them to the summer residents of Lake Forest to raise funds for the local ambulance service.  Every year Lake Forest has a craft fair, golf tournament and raffle to benefit the ambulance service.

My first book using Blurb's print-on-demand publishing.
My first book using Blurb’s print-on-demand publishing.

Now all sorts of book ideas are dancing around in my head.  First I hope to gather enough photos from my niece’s wedding to make a photo book for her.  Then I want to work on a photo book of the four-day writing workshop I attended last summer.  Other books I could make: Baby Sandhill Crane Photos, Butler County Profiles (the writing of my mom and sister, Cynthia Ross), a flower photo book, a collection of my essays and poems, and a tribute book to my sister, Shannon Hyle.

I’m going to be busy, I can see.


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