Progressing on Mom’s Book on Blurb

Gail McGhee in her Boeing work outfit during WWIII thought it would be a breeze transferring the pages from the original book (Photoworks) to the new publisher (Blurb).  After all, I had the page layout and the text editing all done.  What I didn’t take into consideration was the time for learning a new program and Blurb has wonderful features for layout.  Another factor is the page size is different, so that affects picture placement and how much text fits on a page.

I did make good progress yesterday, but need to see if anything can be done to improve the resolution of the vintage photos I’m using.  With photoworks, I just told it to go ahead and publish even though it warned me some of the photos wouldn’t be good.  They were right.  Now on Blurb, I’m paying attention when it warns me.  By reducing the size of the photo, the blurring is reduced but the photo gets too tiny for good viewing.  Sigh.  With a family history book, the photos are important to supplement the text.

I’ve resorted to adding in some photos that I’ve taken at historical museums (for a schoolroom interior).  My preference would be to have just the old black and white 1930s shots for consistency though.


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