Putting a Book on Blurb.com

I’m trying out a website called Blurb to get an 80 page paperback book made.  They are a print-on-demand site, so once I finish the book, I can buy one copy or 49 copies.  Anyone can order the book from Blurb once I put it in Blurb’s online bookstore section of their website.  It’s nice to see upfront what the book will cost (set by number of pages, binding, etc.).  The author gets to decide how much to add on top of that printing cost  (Blurb’s cost) and the final cost shows in the bookstore section. 

The best part of Blurb is how full-featured their software is for creating the book.  They have some tutorials to get you started, but much of it is natural if you’ve used Word and photo editing software.  You have lots of choices of colors, fonts, page layouts and can customize those as well.  I tried putting this book onto lulu.com, but ran into roadblocks so that I just gave up trying to figure out the process.

Anyway, I’d better get back to work or the book will never get done.  Already I have visions in my head of all sorts of things I could turn into books with this great site once I finish my mom’s book .  Stay tuned.


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