Recommended Reading

I’ve been an Amazon reviewer for four years now and managed to work my way up to Top 100 Reviewer ranking.  As a retired librarian, I have more time to read now and posting reviews on Amazon helps me keep track of what I’ve read and how I felt about it.  Along with writing the book reviews, I started making booklists on Amazon.   I’ll share those with you here.  There are 96 booklists or as Amazon calls them Listmania! lists.   I’ll try to group them here by subjects to make it easier to find one that interests you.  This will take awhile, so I’ll add to it over the next week.  Favorite Childhood Books (Just click on the blue links to see the lists)

My Booklists on Amazon

Childhood Memories of WWII

Gardening Books -These are titles that I’ve found helpful while landscaping and creating a new vegetable and flower gardens in New Hampshire. I like using native plants, being somewhat organic, and keeping things low-maintenance.

Decorate Your Deck – Books and items to help you make the most of your outdoor living space.

Making the Most of Summer with the Kids -Don’t let the summer go by with the kids lounging slack-faced in front of the TV and complaining about being bored. Here are some idea books to get the most from the summer, making it an interesting time for them and you.

Fun with Fabrics – If you’re wondering what to do with that stash of fabric, ribbon and lace, here are some inspiring books. Give them a try. Some projects don’t require sewing. It’s amazing what you can do with spray adhesive.

More Paper Crafts to Try – It’s wonderful to see the varied ideas in these books. The cross-pollination between cardmaking, scrapbooking and altered books benefits all paper crafters.

Love Between the Covers – If you’re looking for hot stuff, then you misinterpreted the title. I’ve long been a reader of romances and want to share with you what’s between the covers of my favorites. There’s something so satisfying when I cozy up with a book and read about two people whose lives become entwined and love evolves despite various obstacles.  It amazes me the variations on this theme and the titles on this list are special to me.

For Elsie Lee Fans – Her romantic suspense and Regency novels are such fun. Her heroines are super smart. Don’t miss her novels under the pseudonym Elsie Cromwell as well.

Learning About Autism

Your Man and Why He Makes You Crazy

Men at Midlife – Is there a male midlife crisis?

Kansas History Made Interesting – History doesn’t have to be dull.


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